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Our History

Europeans came to OIkola Country in the 1800’s – for gold and cattle. This period saw almost all of Olkola Country converted to cattle stations, with the Queensland Government issuing pastoral leases over Olkola Country to people of non-aboriginal descent, as the station owners.

Many Olkola People were able to remain on country during this period, working for local station owners and continuing to care for country and culture. However, other Olkola People were forcibly removed by the Government and placed in communities, far and wide, throughout Queensland; a shared fate of many Aboriginal Groups in Australia.


In the present day, many Olkola People are living on the country, in Cape York communities (Coen, Laura, Kowanyama, Hopevale, and Pormpuraaw) as well as other Queensland communities such as Cairns, Yarrabah, Townsville and Palm Island.

The Olkola People are united in their quest to move forward, to return to the country, to care for country and to pursue sustainable opportunities for the country.

The Corporation is committed to achieving this aim of the Olkola People through:


Providing opportunities for all Olkola People to return to the country and connect with the country through events such as annual on country camps


Employing Olkola People to manage the growing estate of Olkola Country that the Corporation is now responsible for

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